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Endless Glow Skin Spa Consulting Group Inc. carries on business as Endless Glow Skin Spa (EGSS).  EGSS provides a variety of skin and hair-removal treatments and procedures including but not limited to laser treatments, skin resurfacing, peels, facial treatments, threading, waxing etc. (the "Treatments").  For greater clarity, a Treatment is and includes any service offered by EGSS.  EGSS also provides advice with respect to ongoing treatment plans, product information and suggestions related to skin care routines ("Advice").


I hereby release and forever discharge Endless Glow Skin Spa Consulting Group Inc., Endless Glow Skin Spa and its respective officers & directors, contractors and employees and waive any and all claims, liabilities or damages for injuries that I may experience directly or indirectly from receiving any Treatments or Advice offered by Endless Glow Skin Spa and Endless Glow Skin Spa Consulting Group Inc., as the case may be.

Any spa guests under 19 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the below to accept the terms of this Consent & Release of Liability.

This Consent & Release of Liability cannot be revoked and survives any right of termination.

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