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About Us

The skin you live in is yours forever and our approach is to identify the most effective treatments for happier healthier skin for longer. We take the time to get to know your skin's personal needs so we can offer you the most relaxing spa session. Combine that with the highest quality of products and you will have that GLOW affect all day!

Meet Our Team

karen tiwana

Spa Owner and Senior Aesthetician

Introducing Karen, the owner of Endless Glow, our premier spa. With over 30 years of certified esthetician experience, she is the driving force behind our exceptional skincare services. Karen's passion lies in empowering clients to achieve healthy, radiant skin, instilling them with unwavering confidence.

Her specialization in addressing common skin conditions like acne and and pigmentation with a focus on anti aging. Karen's partnership with SkinCeuticals exemplifies her commitment to excellence, while her practice of medical esthetics alongside a reputable physician further enriches her expertise in handling various skin concerns.

When you choose Endless Glow, you're selecting more than just a spa – you're choosing to experience the transformative power of Karen's skill and dedication. Trust in her personalized skincare approaches, tailored to your unique needs, and discover a renewed sense of self as you embrace the endless glow that awaits you.



Managing Aesthetician

For over 7 years as a certified aesthetician, Kelsey has been working to share her knowledge of skincare so her clients can achieve healthy, clear and youthful skin. With over half a decade of successfully treating all types of skin, she’s a specialist in treating even the most stubborn cases. She treats and heals any form of acne, scarring, and pigmentation. 


Over the course of Kelsey's career, she has helped hundreds of clients rejuvenate their skin. Kelsey’s philosophy for treatment focuses on addressing the skins needs through detailed and personalized treatments while providing clients with the knowledge they need to maintain their results achieved during treatment at home. Combined with her focus on providing detailed and personalized treatment plans, Kelsey is also certified in Reiki; merging each treatment session with deep spiritual wellness to induce optimal relaxation. 

Kelsey’s philosophy for treatment focuses on addressing the skin's needs through detailed and personalized treatments while providing clients with knowledge to maintain their results.



Client Experience Coordinator

Simran is our Client Experience Coordinator and Front Desk Administrator.  She's the brains behind the unique experience that our clients receive at Endless Glow. With a strong focus on ensuring clients receive a stress-free treatment session, she is always looking for ways to make your experience at Endless Glow Skin Spa memorable. Whether you're inquiring about skincare products or wondering which one of our Glowing treatments might be the best for you, she is always available to answer your questions.


"I have been coming to Endless Glow spa for close to 10 years now. And every time i feel like family. The setting is always clean and sterile, but the love and laughter is in the air. I live 40 mins away now, and still make time to go here. The service is amazing, the prices are beyond fair, and it feels good to support a family business"


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